Beijing RETEC New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technical company which is dedicated to offer product and service to wind power and solar energy industry. RETEC offers a whole system of early-phase consulting service. The main business covers macro-siting, due diligence, wind and solar observations engineering, data management and analysis, resource assessment, feasibility reporting, micro-siting, operation and maintenance for wind farms and solar plants.
RETEC has a professional team composed of nearly 20 experts in new energy technical service field, which covers meteorology, geography, electric automatization, mechanical engineering and automatization, engineering and other related fields. The team has been devoted in new energy industry in China since 2005, which is one of the earliest in this field.

At present, RETEC has a number of international partners all over the world, as show below:
  * Online solar resource assessment tool --- SolarGIS from GeoModel Solar, Slovakia
  * Innovative pyranometer --- SPN1 from Delta-T, UK
  * The 3rd generation data logger for renewable energy --- EOL Zenith from Kintech, Spain
  * Accurate and stable Sodar ---AQ510 from AQSYSTEM , Sweden
  * Metal “First Class” anemometer and vane ---Vector Instrument, UK
RETEC has completed over 100 met masts installation, including wind and solar masts all over China and abroad. RETEC's engineers undertook wind and solar measurement in Pakistan, Jordan and South Africa. Now RETEC is involved in more and more international projects.

RETEC sets up remote consulting center for wind farms to offer free technical support to project operation. Meanwhile, the company establishes long-term and stable cooperation with universities, national laboratories, enterprises and organizations in new energy field at home and abroad, which ensures continuable development in the long run.

Add: Room 801,Tower 2 of Pumanshan Building, 71 Songzhuang Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 100079, China

Tel: +86-10-52402094       Fax: +86-10-87653130

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